The Love Tale Of My Moms And Dads

Titia is inquisitive about pictures, poetry, circle of relatives, artwork, puppies, cats, insects, natural world, history, warfare, camping, writing, and the environment.Synco Schram de Jong and Geertje (Muys) Meijst married on October 21, 1939Private albumMy Mom And Dad’s Love Story Unwrapped
My moms and dads were given married on October 21, 1939, just before the begin of World War 2. Not the most romantic time for a young couple, however they’d fallen in love a few years before and they did not want to wait any longer.
I’ll start with a little records about each before they met each different. I don’t have many pictures of my mom while she changed into younger, certainly only . One as a infant and one when she changed into 10 years old. I don’t know if there have been other pix, in no way heard of them and in no way visible them.
I even have greater pix of my dad as a youngster, due to the fact his mother made a photo book for each of her four childeren.
Thanks to the eldest sister of my father, who has stored each unmarried letter written to her or from her sisters and brother to their mother and father and thanks to their daughter (my niece) who’s running on placing them on a special website in a timeline, we have a quite accurate view approximately how they lived and notion during the WW2 and the way they coped. I got her permission to apply some thing I want for this newsletter.
Nothing from this artical can be used in any way with out my permission
Synco Schram de JongSynco Schram de Jong, 5 months oldPrivate albumMy Dad Synco Schram de Jong Was Born On March nine, 1910
My dad become born inside the metropolis of Nijmegen in The Netherlands because the eldest son of Grandpa and Grandma Schram de Jong. He got 3 more youthful sisters, Heleen, Coos and Arina.
My Dad’s family moved around pretty a lot in the ones days as his father (my Grandpa) turned into the Director of the Postoffice and he got assigned to exceptional towns every few years.Photos Of My Dad As A Little Boy
Synco along with his mother and sister HeleenMy Dad Studied Art In Amsterdam
My dad had developed a talent for drawing and painting and went to the Art Academy in Amsterdam.
That’s in which he met Nico Wilbers, who became his brother in regulation when Nico married my Dad’s sister Heleen. Nico started a faculty for marketing drawings and my dad was a teacher there for a while. I think it stopped whilst WW2 came around the corner and my dad turned into mobilized and needed to cross underground in a while.
Little did he understand on the time this photograph became taken (Dec. 6, 1932), that he could end up my dad 12 years afterward Dec. 7 1944.
I inherited a whole lot of the drawings he made in his early years. His parents had moved to the town of Zierikzee. This little village had a lovely church tower which my Dad should see from his bed room window. I have a few pencil drawings of this church.My Dad 22 Years OldSynco Schram de Jong 22 years oldPrivate AlbumPencil Drawing Of The Church Tower In Zierikzee – 1929Church Tower of Zierikzee – drawn by means of Synco Schram de Jong at the age of nineteen years.©Titia Geertman
Geertje (Muys) MeijstGeertje MeijstPrivate albumMy Mom: Geertje (Muys) Meijst Was Born August 24, 2011
My mother became born inside the metropolis of Amsterdam near the district referred to as Jordaan (by and large a Jewish district). She had an older sister Lenie and a younger brother Gerard. Her dad become a chemistry teacher at an institute. Later on they moved to Groningen.
At the age of 5 years, my mom were given acute young people rheumatism in all her joints and with a view to hold her constantly heat, they put her from her neck down in a sack created from blankets for one complete 12 months.
The document had stated to her dad and mom that she might now not grow vintage. Well, he couldn’t were more flawed. My mom exceeded away on April 21, 2013 at the age of 101 years old.
I have only one picture of my mother when she became a little one. Her Dad usually known as her ‘my little mouse’ and she or he saved that nickname her whole existence. Only close own family knew her actual birthname.Mouse in Dutch is Muis. Later on my mother pimped it a little to Muys. So I will seek advice from her as Muys, because that become the name everybody knew her by using.Muys At The Age Of 10 Years With Her Sister LenieMuys Meijst 10 years vintage with her sister LeniePrivate albumMy Mom’s FamilyFrom left to proper: Grandpa Meijst, Grandma Meijst, sister Lenie along with her husband Leo, grandma’s sister Aunt Nettie, brother Gerard, sitting: my momPrivate album
Courting is exitingMy Dad relationship my MomPrivate AlbumMy Dad Had Humor And Wrote Little Booklets To His Fiancé
As my mother changed into known as Muys (Mouse) and my dad became an artist with humor, he used to show his love in phrase and drawings.